York Boat Photo of the Day – Rowing

August 14th, 2011


A combination of the river widening and slowing, and the water levels gradually dropping required us to row more each day.

We met with several school groups along the river. Here, Teresa is showing how the sweep oar works.

One of many bald eagles that nest along the river.

One night, the only spot we could find to camp was on a muddy bank. This is what it looked like the morning after, as we departed. Yes, it had rained that night. We were cleaning up gobs of mud from the boat after that!

Another lovely sunset on the Peace River

One evening, a couple of the guys decided to go for a swim! Refreshing!

Whitecaps on the river made for hard rowing a couple of times.

Another old cabin on the flat at Old Carcajou. It's amazing how well they stand up to time.

We stopped at Old Carcajou, on the east side of the river, to explore the old cabins, homesteads, and graveyard. Sunlight beams in through a roof that is starting to rot.

Jack enjoys a rest while others row on a pristine, calm morning.