York Boat Photo of the Day – The Captain

September 3rd, 2011


The Amazing Crew! Teresa Griffith

Teresa was the faithful captain of the trip. She started out as manager of the project and graduated to captain. She was able to keep the crew in line (which was easy) and got to make all the big decisions (which was hard).

Photo courtesy of GeoTourism Canada

The Amazing Crew! Gary Christopherson

For most of the second week, Gary joined us, camera always in hand (almost). That's how he got his nickname, "Garyrazzi."

Photo courtesy of Jae Penner

The Amazing Crew! Jason Penner

Jae was with us for the first 4 days (and 2 days before the trip began) and the last 4 days. His skills in the bush and around the campfire amazed us and we *loved* his coffee.

The Amazing Crew! Andre Pittard

Andre spent most of the trip with no shirt and no shoes on (good thing there were no restaurants!). He was often our anchorman (pulling or holding the boat with a rope) and also seemed to find his way into a lot of mud.

The Amazing Crew! Greg Nichiporik

Greg was only with us a couple of days, but we appreciated his hard work and easy-going attitude. He was a valuable member of the team!

The Amazing Crew! Tim Heemskerk

Tim the Powerhouse had the incredible ability to pour on the power one minute and nap the next.

Photo courtesy of GeoTourism Canada.

The Amazing Crew! Cheryll Welke

Always strong and beautiful, Cheryll Welke. She wears the red sash because of her Metis heritage.

Photo courtesy of GeoTourism Canada.

The Amazing Crew! Jack Twells

Jack the Gentleman. If he looks a little tired, don't blame him! We rowed for 4 hours with only short breaks to get to Fort Vermilion on time.

Photo courtesy of GeoTourism Canada.

Unloading the boat at the dock in Fort Vermilion.

Photo courtesy of GeoTourism Canada.

After a few short speeches, there were photo ops. This is the crew with some Mackenzie County counsellors.

Photo courtesy of GeoTourism Canada.