York Boat Photo of the Day – Fort Vermilion Reception

August 24th, 2011


Chatting with the crowds that came to see us.

Some Metis girls danced for us, and of course, our Metis crew member joined in! (wearing the red sash) And isn't that a sweet little boy?

There was quite a crowd of people to meet us in Fort Vermilion when we arrived!

The view from inside the canvas tent we slept in every night.

Friends talk on the York Boat on our last evening on the river.

We were so spoiled! Campfires every night! There's nothing more relaxing.... (What's that modern footwear doing there?!? They were probably just emergency wet-footwear-replacement shoes.)

We loved to sail! It's so exciting to feel the boat surge forward with the force of the wind!

We were always alert for opportunities to sail! This is the top of the sail, and yes, it's at an angle. We still sailed though!

With 7 people on board, the people resting had time to take pictures! This is the captain, standing and steering at the time. The photo was taken from futher back on the stern deck.

This is us rowing with a full crew. How many people do you count? There are 7 or us (6 visible, 1 behind the camera). It was a little crowded.