We have canoes, single kayaks, and double kayaks available for rental, from May to the end of September. Visit this page for more details on the boats. Price List

All boat rentals automatically include the following Essential Equipment at no extra cost:

    – a paddle
    – a personal flotation device (PFD) if you need one
    – rope (buoyant line in a throw bag)
    – whistle
    – water pump or bailer

These items are required by Transport Canada for human-powered watercraft.

Call ahead to reserve your boat — 780-821-0572 or Toll-Free 1-877-926-2649.

If you are in the Grouard area, you can pick up the boat and take care of transportation yourself (we provide cushioning and straps for roof-mounting a canoe).

If you are doing a multi-day trip, we can help with transportation (see drop-off & pick-up page). As you plan your trip, make sure you read this page.

If you’ve never tried kayaking, but would like to, contact us to find out about our next “try a kayak” day. We’ll go out in the channel, with the boats, and you can drop by and give one a try!

Miscellaneous Equipment Rentals

If you’re renting for an overnight trip and need a tent, stove, bear-proof container or whatever, mention this when you reserve the boat and we’ll see if we have what you need!