Easy Mosquito Deterrent for the Backyard

July 19th, 2013


Well, mosquito season is upon us, and Darren came across this article which explains how to set up a very quick and easy mosquito deterrent for your backyard: an oscillating fan. Mosquitoes aren’t very good flyers, and we all know that a mild breeze is enough to keep them at bay. On a calm evening, why not make your own breeze with a fan! Of course, this won’t work when you’re on your canoeing trip, but it will work when you’re out in the backyard getting your equipment ready, like testing your survival gear (part 1, part 2, part 3)!

You can read the full article here.

We’ve been busy with some canoe instructing lately. If you’re in or near the town of Peace River, I believe there is one spot left for a youth for the town’s Extreme Adventures camp on August 16th. Call the Town to sign your child up. If you are an adult interesting in getting some lessons, you can partake in the half-day lessons on Saturday, August 17th, at Leddy Lake. This is a part of Paddle the Peace — check out this page for more info.

We are getting quite booked up for events such as canoe parties, so if you are thinking of having one, please contact us soon or we won’t be able to fit you in!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer so far!