Getting Ready for my Paddling Expedition!

July 6th, 2010


On Thursday, I start my big river journey — downstream on the Peace River from the town of Peace River (which used to be called Peace River Crossing, which I feel like calling it so I don’t have to always say “town of” to avoid confusion) all the way to Fort Vermilion. This is the package that we offer, either in an 8-day or 10-day version. I’m giving myself 9 days, which means I have to cover 48 km per day. I am pretty excited — most of my food is packed, clothes are all in a pile, and gear is coming together too. Tomorrow we drive to the Crossing, and then Thursday I shove off! 🙂

Darren, who is not coming with me, will be updating this blog so you can all track where I am. I’ll be using the SPOT device, of course, so you’ll know I’m okay! If you would like to receive every update, please let Darren know and he can add you to the SPOT list.

On another note, I just found a friend’s photos on Panoramio, and he has some nice aerial photos of the Vermilion Chutes! They don’t look too scary from the air, but don’t EVER try to shoot them in a boat. I’ve heard there might be spots at certain water levels that allow them to be passed safely, but I would never take that chance! I feel much better telling you NOT to try. Your canoe may survive the trip, but if you are thrown out, the circulation under the falls can drown you. So, you must follow the south shore and keep a keen eye out for the portage trail. If you’re interested in paddling this section of the Peace, give us a call and we’ll chat about it and see if we can help in any way. 🙂 (Keep reading after the photo.)

What a great photo! And if any of you worried… these rapids and chutes are about 80 km downstream from Fort Vermilion and I won’t be going that far! I’ll stop at Fort after 433 km — that’s far enough, I think! 🙂 I will get picked up early if I am running late, because…

On Saturday, July 17th, we are hosting our first canoe races at Hutch Lake!

Come to Hutch Lake (30 km north of High Level) between 11 am and noon to register in either men’s doubles, women’s doubles, or mixed team. It costs $80 to race (per boat) and 100% of the fees go to the winners (50% to first place, 30% to second place and 30% to third place). You can register in 2 races if you like (one mixed, the other not). We are working with the Hutch Lake cottagers to put this event on, and it’s bound to be a lot of fun!

If you’re interested in racing but need a boat, we will be there renting boats for this day — call us to book it ahead of time! It will cost $20/race. Have a look at our canoes page to see which one you’re interested in.