Looking for a special trip for your not-so-beloved relative? Look no farther than our One-Way Mother-in-Law Special! Send her down the river *without* a paddle, and if you’re really frustrated, over the falls! Near Enterprise, Northwest Territories, the Upper Hay River plunges over the Alexandra Falls, 103 feet high (only 70 feet lower than Niagara Falls) – perfect for relatives you could live without. Or send them down one of a thousand unnamed creeks with sardines in their pockets – sure to attract Alberta’s friendly wolves and bears! Whatever you’re looking for, we can help you plan the perfect trip. Use our drop-off service to its full advantage today! Not available for children. All trips begin April 1st.

So, we like to be silly sometimes! 🙂 We don’t actually offer this trip, but if you would like to send someone you really do love on a trip — not a one-way trip — please see our pages on gift certificates and paddling packages.

Alexandra Falls -- Don't get too close to the edge!