Basic rental of canoe or kayak:

You transport the boat yourself. Pick it up at Ferguson’s Market in Grouard, AB.

per day per weekend per week for 2 weeks for 4 weeks
$40 $70 $250 $400 $750

Prices do not include GST.

All boat rentals automatically include, at no extra cost:

    – a paddle
    – a personal flotation device (PFD) if you need one
    – a paddle leash if you want one (kayaks)
    – rope (buoyant line in a throw bag)
    – whistle
    – water pump or bailer

A “weekend” is Friday night or Saturday morning until Sunday night.

Drop-off and Pick-up Service

Since each situation is different, please call us to discuss where you want to go and what drop-off or pick-up you need. Sometimes the logistics can be tricky, but we can help you figure it out — it’s best to just contact us.

Miscellaneous Equipment Rentals

Item per day per week
Tent $10 $50
Stove & fuel cannister $5 $35
Extra Adult PFD $7 $35
Extra Child PFD $5 $25
Waterproof barrel $10 $50
Bear-proof barrel $10 $50
SPOT GPS Tracker* $20 $95

Normally, a boat rental includes up to 2 Adult and 2 child PFDs. Price listed above is for additional PFDs (ex. third child or third adult).
*One SPOT GPS is normally included in all overnight rentals. The cost listed here is if you want to add a SPOT to your one-day rental, or for people not renting a boat from us.
This is not a complete list of equipment; if there’s something else you need, please call!