Peace River – Site C Dam – Safety Advisory for Boaters

June 12th, 2017


Just wanted to draw some attention to the safety bulletin from the BC Hydro’s Site C, dated June 2, 2017:

Public Advisory

They are advising boaters to avoid the Site C area area due to wood debris under the temporary Peace River construction bridge. Please be safe, everybody!

For more info on the dam and construction, visit
I won’t say more than that about Site C, for now, because it still makes me mad/sad. It’s not “clean energy.” It’s a mess.

But please do avoid the construction bridge area. Large amounts of wood in the water can be unsafe and may even form a blockage, which you could get caught in and capsize and drown in (think of sweepers). Be safe, and check this website for updates!

Some reading material, if you’re interested:

What the temporary Peace River Construction bridge looks like (from I can see how debris might get caught under it.