It’s Been a Good Run

May 29th, 2017


Hello everyone!
I have been wanting to let you all know that we are no longer operating as a canoe/kayak rental company. We had a good run in High Level, and really enjoyed all the trips, lessons, canoe camps and fun times with you all! We have many wonderful memories. Here are few highlights:
– Canoe camps with kids from High Level, Keg River, and Peace River. In particular, playing wild games of tag at the end of the second day!
– The annual canoe parties with the Filipino society. You rock! 🙂
– Helping to plan, organize and participate in Paddle the Peace. What a great thing we started! So glad you are all keeping it going!
– Canoe lessons with various girl guide groups. Thanks so much for sharing your time with us!
– Canoeing days with the FASD Society. What you do is awesome. Those kids are special, and I’ll never forget how some of them change once they’re in a canoe.
– York boating. I have such amazing memories of the York Boat. 🙂 (Click here if you have no idea what a York Boat is!)
– Family Canoe Nights! Anyone else remember these? We took all our boats to Footner Lake, and offered them on a donation basis. It was so fun, especially when people said they had not brought any money and we said they could go anyway! 🙂

Please don’t think that we are another example of a small business that couldn’t make it. We did make it — we did well. We LOVED what we did!
Please don’t think that we stopped operating because of the economy. That is not the case whatsoever. We had some very unique and special personal opportunities and decided to pursue those instead. We decided to stop operating Flow North so we could focus on these new things and not spread ourselves too thin (although I am still in danger of that! Oh well).
Please don’t think that we weren’t successful because it’s too hard to own/run a paddling company. It’s a LOT of work, but it isn’t impossible. If anyone is interested in starting their own paddling business in northern Alberta, or anywhere for that matter, we’d be happy to share our experiences and advice. In case you are too shy to ask, here are our top 3 tips:

– Be realistic. Don’t think you can make a year’s worth of money in our short Canadian summers. Have a winter job, or have a second income.
– Be prepared to work hard. Turn off your TV, and forget Facebook. If you aren’t willing — or eager — to do these things, this type of enterprise is not for you. If you can’t imagine going without your devices, you are addicted and are missing out on so much sweetness in life!
– Get out there and do it! Paddle everywhere you can think of, so that you can recommend places based on your first-hand knowledge. I spent the first year exploring like crazy! And got paid to do it (I love that part), but it is best if you are prepared to explore without pay!

Thanks again for all the great times. Please check out York Boat Captain and buy a copy if you are interested in hearing about our adventures. It’s available in stores and online.

One more thing: We have had a lot of requests for the Paddling Guide for the Peace River. We are working on making it available online, for free, as soon as possible. Hang in there!

Take care, everyone!