Cruising Google Maps

March 21st, 2010


As mentioned in a previous post, it’s a bundle of fun cruising Google Earth or Google Maps looking at places to paddle. I decided to compile links to the maps for all our main paddling destinations here. When you click on a link, feel free to zoom in or out, or pan around to see more of the river or lake. I tried to position each starting point to be interesting in some way! Make sure you are viewing the maps in “satellite” mode.

Peace River
Hay River
Chinchaga River
Wabasca River
Hay-Zama Lake
Hutch Lake
Footner Lake

A few other interesting spots (somewhat harder to get to for paddling):
Margaret Lake
Bistcho Lake
Steen River

I love how on most of these maps, if you select “map” instead of “satellite” view, there’s nothing to see! No roads!

Also, did you notice you can see the Peace River from the home page for Google Maps? The default zoom level is 4, and you can easily see it’s stretched out “S” in Northern Alberta.