This is a good packing list for any paddling day trip, whether you are renting a boat from us or not. If you are renting from us, all items with a * are included, and items with ** are available for a small fee.

For each kayak/canoe:
– bailer or water pump*
– rope*
– sponge*
– spray skirt (for kayaks)*
– spare paddle (for canoes)*

For each person:
– PFD*
– paddle*
– paddle leash (for kayaks)*
– whistle (on PFD)*
– water bottle
– pocket knife
– map(s) in zip lock bag (if needed)*
– bug spray
– weather-appropriate extra clothing (ex. fleece shirt in case it cools off, wind jacket, etc)
– sunglasses
– hat

– granola bars, trail mix, etc. for snacks
– extra water to refill water bottles
– sandwiches, pitas, whatever will make up your lunch!

Safety and Survival Kit:*
– first aid kit
– extra band-aids
– first aid book
– signaling mirror
– matches in waterproof container
– fire starter sticks
– emergency rations
– water purification tablets
– reflective emergency blanket
– packet of salt
– cutting wire (instead of axe)
– multi-tool
– small bug spray bottle
– toilet paper (in waterproof bag)

Additional Equipment/Supplies:
– bag for garbage (even better, double-bag it)
– GPS tracking device (if desired)**
– bear spray or bear bangers
– camera or binoculars
– dry bags for extra clothing (or cameras, binoculars, etc)**
– spare paddle for kayaks – 1 per group*

Do not bring:
– citronella-based bug spray (there’s some evidence that this attracts bears)

* items included in rental
** available for rent

[pdf version]